What Happened?

Don’t give up on your Dreams!
You can have the life you want, the life you desire……

Have you ever heard that before??

I’ve gone through life some days feeling like I can do anything…I can conquer the world! Bring it on, I am a winner…I am on top of the world…

Then… there are times life seems to be the hardest thing to do…The dreams I had were mysteries that turned into nightmares. What Happened?

Have you been in this place before?

Sometimes we can become so overwhelmed with life and it feels like it’s out of control. Worries fill our mind; we seem to be in a constant turmoil. Everything falls apart, nothing works out. We seem to have a life full of worry, full of hardship and struggles. We wake up one day older…You wonder what happen, it wasn’t always this way. Now look, I’ve lost my job, lost my marriage, my family… Wow…what happen to my body, it changed overnight!?!

All of a sudden wisdom hits us, we wake up and realize life is real and depression comes against our minds…What are we going to do?

Think!! Courage sometimes manifests itself in the quietness of the morning when you wake up to another day and you try one more time…

Don’t Stop!! Your struggle is proof you have not been conquered!

When things look “Impossible” all it takes is a minor change to create a different outcome…Change the Impossible to I’m Possible!

Don’t allow the worries of life to cloud your mind. Let the worries go!!

Worrying is trying to control life’s problems through the mind.
Your mind wasn’t created to worry!

God designed your mind to create, not worry. How can you create if you’re busy worrying?

The Bible is full of Wisdom if we would only apply it…
Trust God and Believe Matthew 6:34…Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

Your Dream is waiting on you…You are a masterpiece designed by God himself.

Now Pick Yourself Up…
Put Your Worries In Your Pocket…and…Go After Your Dream!!!!

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