Is Your Perception The Truth?

Cindy and I were taking our morning walk today; we walked through one of our favorite areas, the Garden of Prayer that is by our home.

The Garden of Prayer is not a real “garden” as the name may suggest, but it is a wooded area that someone has taken and put in different spots to remember Jesus Christ. The garden consists of a replica of the tomb where Jesus had been buried and the stone had been moved and now the tomb is empty. There are several other areas throughout the garden where you can pray.  The garden path takes you to an area that has been named Golgotha, this path ends on a hill where three crosses have been erected in remembrance of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. I love coming here and praying.

Today was different; Cindy noticed another path of rocks going up a hill. We notice a wall built out of rocks at the end of the path. The wall looked like it was 7-8ft tall and went a 100 ft or so across.  I had never seen this wall showing through the woods before. It was like my eyes were opened to something new.

I could tell Cindy was feeling adventurous and wanted to go check it out, so I said lets go see what this wall is. As we walked across the wooded area and started up the path, Cindy decided to stay back and let me check it out, 🙂 (remember this is in a wooded area) I went on ahead.

The rocky path up to the wall was very steep, I had to hold on to some branches and walk myself up the path. As I got near the top, I noticed some railroad ties, then I could see clearly what I thought was a wall…yep the wall we had seen was actually rail road tracks. I could not believe it…I started laughing; there wasn’t a wall at all, it was train tracks.

Now, had I not examined what I was not really clear about, and had accepted an unclear perception as real, that would have become my truth.  I would have left there thinking it was a wall. We would have discussed that and wondered what was behind that wall, telling our friends and family about this wall that we had never noticed before, through the woods.

What I perceived as real and what was actually real was different as night and day. There was a gap in what I perceived to be real and what was actually real. After seeing the tracks, I could not believe I had thought this was a wall.

God made something very real and clear to me from this, about life and our relationships.

When you’re looking at something from a negative perspective and it isn’t really clear, what you see can very well be different than what actually is.                                                                                                                                                  When we believe something negative that we feel to be truth and don’t really have any real knowledge or facts about it, and make a decision based on a perception and not actuality, eventually, we will have a negative reaction.

When something is unclear or unsure, before you make a decision based on your perception…Examine It before proceeding. Never allow a negative perception to grow without examination.

Don’t become deceived by a negative perception of something you believe to be true, that really isn’t. Don’t be blinded by the spirit of darkness… Sometimes our perception blinds us to the truth.

Remember what we believe will grow in our mind, negative or positive.

It’s vital that we stay away from any negative perception.

Close The Gap…Examine Your Perception!

Is It Negative or Positive?

Think of Good Stuff Today…                                                                                                                                                 (Philippians 4:8)

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