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David Murdock Are You Really A Christian

David Murdock Are You Really A Christian? My Halloween post that got my Christianity questioned…Am I a Christian because I colored my hair, put on a hat, a flowered shirt, darkened my eye brows and beard, took a picture…and then posted on social media saying… “Its Halloween time…Getting ready for the kiddos…#candytime” Guess by some […]

Change Your Philosophy and Increase Your Value

Wanting Change…Needing a Change…But Are You Willing To Change? Change Your Philosophy and Increase Your Value. Have you ever asked someone how they’re doing and they respond “same ole thing just a different day”, nothing ever changes. People blame the government or a particular political party over their hardships or job loss. You’ve heard the […]

Is Your Perception The Truth?

Cindy and I were taking our morning walk today; we walked through one of our favorite areas, the Garden of Prayer that is by our home. The Garden of Prayer is not a real “garden” as the name may suggest, but it is a wooded area that someone has taken and put in different spots […]

Should You Really Forgive?

There Is A Deadly Disease That Could Be Killing You! Did you know that unforgiveness is classified in medical books as a disease? Wow, who would have thought to not forgive someone that has wronged you is a disease that the unforgiving person incurs for refusing to forgive. What’s even worse, this disease has been […]

What Happened?

Don’t give up on your Dreams! You can have the life you want, the life you desire…… Have you ever heard that before?? I’ve gone through life some days feeling like I can do anything…I can conquer the world! Bring it on, I am a winner…I am on top of the world… Then… there are […]

Let Go!!

Are you glad 2015 is over? Have you been waiting for something good to happen and it didn’t? It seems sometimes good things just happen and other times they don’t. We dream about something new, something different. We say we need a change, yet everything stays the same. We get excited about Thanksgiving having turkey, […]

Conflict Resolution

Conflict is inevitable because of differences in people. It is a part of life. People have different opinions, values, personalities and different needs. We all filter incoming communication and life in a different way. It’s so important that we learn how to manage conflict effectively. “The root of most conflict is either born out of […]


Have you ever worked with someone and it just seemed so hard to connect or understand each other? Maybe even in a relationship and it may seem that they were speaking another language or maybe you did not really get where they were coming from or vice versa. Or maybe your intensity wasn’t as high […]