Have you ever worked with someone and it just seemed so hard to connect or understand each other? Maybe even in a relationship and it may seem that they were speaking another language or maybe you did not really get where they were coming from or vice versa. Or maybe your intensity wasn’t as high as another person and it appeared you didn’t have any passion, and it became frustrating trying to relate to each other or understand one another. So you stay frustrated or move on, only to continue to have issues and not really understand what is happening.

Being raised in a family with 7 children and being the youngest, sometimes as a child my communication seem nonexistent at times. I grew up with comments from my family saying he doesn’t talk much. By not talking I am sure this had an effect on my communication skills and understanding of what communication really is. I didn’t quite understand why, but I had nothing to say while others just talked all the time. I would watch others speak their thoughts fluently and seemed to be persuasive with their speaking while I seemed reluctant to speak.

They all seemed like great communicators and as I have become older and through much pain I now realize…Communication Is More Important Than You Think.

It’s more important than you’re taught.It is the most important ingredient there is in any environment. Every relationship will demand some form of communication, your job, finances, health even our salvation we receive from God hinges on communication, according to Romans 10: 9…
That if you confess with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. (KJV)

Communication is the center piece of every area in life. It is the heart beat of every relationship.

However…The Degree of Your Success Will Depend on How Effective Your Communication Is.
So it just can’t be communication in itself…It has to be Effective Communication.

Effective Communication is a Foundational Key to Health, Happiness and Success in Every Part of Your Life.

  • Communication defined… is the imparting or interchange of thoughts, opinions, or information by speech, writing, or signs.

Communication is giving and receiving or the exchange and importation of information, thoughts, and ideas expressed verbally, written down, through sign language, and body language knowingly or unknowingly.
Effective Communication is arriving at a desired effect or having a purposed result.

We begin communicating in our mother’s womb, we kick, and we turn and twist around to find comfort. While in the womb we can begin to hear voices with the mother’s voice being the clearest. Studies show that the baby’s heart rate speeds up while in the womb when it hears its mother’s voice. Communication has already begun. Then of course as we grow, our communication skills grow with us good or bad.

Since we are all uniquely made and so different we can expect to have issues at some point in time with communication. I think that the older we become, the harder it will be to change our communication skills without pain being the persuader for us to change. Sometimes when a relationship goes bad and we really want it to be good, we then make efforts to change or learn how to better communicate.

Do we try to be effective in our communication in the work place with our coworkers?
If you work 40 hours a week for an average of 50 weeks a year for 5 years, you would have worked 10, 000 hours with your co-workers. That breaks down to spending over one year of those five years with a co-worker or co-worker’s. Spending that length of time with anyone I would think we would want to be effective in our communication.
Just a Thought…I wonder if Effective Communication became a curriculum from 1st grade -12th grade as a standard course what would take place in our culture.

Ask Yourself…

  • Do you know how you communicate?
  • Do you know how you need to receive incoming communication?
  • Is your conversation always one sided?
  • Do you listen more than talk?
  • Do you talk more than listen?
  • How do you gauge success in communication?

Ask those you’re in relationship their thoughts on what or how you say something.
Begin watching your response to things being said to you.

  • What is your reaction?
  • What do you feel?
  • Why?

Make a decision today to begin to dialogue with those around you and begin communicating and make it effective.