Conflict Resolution

Conflict is inevitable because of differences in people. It is a part of life. People have different opinions, values, personalities and different needs. We all filter incoming communication and life in a different way. It’s so important that we learn how to manage conflict effectively.

“The root of most conflict is either born out of poor communication or the inability to control one’s emotions or behavior”.                                                                                                                                                          

Conflict frequently happens from lack of information, poor information, no information, misinformation, or not sure what to do with the information. This reflects a communication and behavior problem.

Conflict rarely resolves itself. Conflict resolution is the ability to recognize conflict, understand the nature of conflict, and to be able to bring swift and just resolution to the conflict.(dealt with proactively and properly).

Having conflict with a person may not necessarily end the relationship but how we manage it could. The sooner conflict is dealt with the better. Do not allow conflict to go unresolved. The ability to manage or resolve conflict and the capacity to recognize and understand others will rely on how effective we are in our communication.

To be effective when communicating you will need a combination of skills including verbal and nonverbal communication, engaged listening, managing stress in the moment, and understand your own communication style and those of the person you’re communicating with. Communication styles are often misunderstood and can cause conflict where there really shouldn’t be.

Expect conflict, however, turn it into opportunities for growth and learning. You can recover from conflict and have a stronger healthier relationship. Remember communication is the key to resolve conflict. ~David Murdock