These instructions are critical. Please read these instructions and then follow the link at the bottom of the page to access our secure site.

1.  Answer the questions based on who you are MOST of the time, in MOST situations, in MOST of life.

2. Answer all questions honestly based on who you are not who others may expect or want you to be.

3. No answer is right or wrong, better or worse than another. There is no preferred outcome. And no one will see your answers.

4. If you are unsure of an answer, select the answer that most appeals to you.

5. Questions 74-115 are NOT meant to be opposites. Ask yourself:“Am I more ‘A’ than ‘B’ or more ‘B’ than ‘A’? If you are neither, select the one that most appeals to you.


Do I authenticate (try to prove things as true) or do I challenge (try to prove things as false)?

Am I more corporate (work for others) or more entrepreneurial (work for yourself)?

Am I more authoritarian (give orders) or more democratic (decide by consensus)?

 6. Last but not least: Do not ponder the questions too long. Most likely your first impression is the most accurate. Average time to take the KLLP™ is 15-30 minutes.

*The cost of the KLLP™ is US $45.00 payable by credit card when you take the profile. After you take the profile, you can print your results immediately.